Chilled Vego Lockdown Pack


Enjoy a great green meal for 2-4, starting with Vegetarian Samosas and Vegetable Pakora Amritsari; followed by a delectable Navrathan Korma, Palak Paneer and Daal. Accompanied by some equally meat-free Naan and Rice!


Veg Pakora Amritsari

Light vegetable fritters filled with mixed vegetables, onion, potatoes, mustard seeds, turmeric, curry leaves

Veg Samosa

Handmade, deep fried Punjabi short-crust pastry filled with potatoes and aromatic spices

Navrathan Korma

Nine seasonal mixed vegetables with poppy seed (khus-khus), cashew, cassia bark, onion and tomatoes almond based curry sauce and a dash of whole cream.

Palak Paneer

The classic dry combination of puree spicy spinach & homemade cheese.


An assortment of three lentils cooked on a slow fire. Mashed with clarified butter & green coriander & served with shredded ginger.

Rice and Naan

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