India’s Best

Manjits offer a quintessentially Australian and yet traditionally Indian take on Asian subcontinental cuisine. The unique flavours are born from a carefully blended mix of spice, exotic herbs and fresh ingredients, creating a culinary experience that is unmatched on the market. Manjits has redefined Indian cuisine, giving the credit that it deserves and separating it from something quick and easy ordered from a trusty local.

The signature Bhara Kebab, a flavoursome tandoori lamb cutlet dish, has been labelled ‘unparalleled’ and a dish that ‘forever changes perceptions on the best meats to be cooked tandoori style’ by top food bloggers from the Australian Good Food Guide. While the food is not only divine in taste, the presentation has been described as ‘literally art on a plate’  and the innovative fusion of flavours is representative and inspired by the many varied regional cuisines of India and the many ethnic subcontinental groups.

Dishes range from Bombay, Delhi street fare and home style tandoori cooking, to the most sophisticated food of the royal families.

Exquisite presentation of Lamb Cutlets, a specialty dish at Manjits, artistically plated to emphasize the rich flavors and textures unique to this Indian culinary delight
Historic photo from 1984 of Manjit Gujral, founders of Manjits, capturing a moment of their early journey in establishing the renowned restaurant.

SINCE 1984

Our History

Since launching one of the first Indian Restaurant in Australia in 1984, we’ve had the honour of serving some of the biggest and best names and brands from across the world. Experiencing immense growth during the 1980s, we introduced a catering division into our brand, and soon after, began hosting and managing events of a much larger scale.

A solid foundation of respect for the history of Indian dishes while paying homage to the country that welcomed them so openly over thirty years ago is the basis of creation in our fusion menu.

This inspired vision born Manjits Wharf, our latest and most luxurious location overlooking the incredible Darling Harbour in Sydney.